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PR Consults
Eligibility Reviews – 1 hour
CAD 150
Visa Denials
GCMS Reviews and Reapplication advise - 1 hour 30 Minutes
CAD 250
Asylum Consultations
1hr 30 minutes
CAD - 200
Study in Canada Consult
1 hr
CAD - 150
Canada Visit Visa Consults
1 hr
CAD - 150
Canadian Resume Building Masterclass
Are you ready to learn one on one with our expert Loise? Join us for a 2 hour session where you will learn how to create your own Canadian standard resume regardless of your field. This resume will help you apply for Canadian schools, jobs, recruitment and immigration programs.
This link will only be available when we have an active masterclass.
See you soon
CAD - 39
Job Recruitment Group Info Sessions.
Group Education Info Sessions for various types of recruitments happening in Canada. We do not offer jobs. In these sessions, we coach you how to get the jobs, how to collect the relevant supporting documents, how to create Canadian standard resumes and answer your questions. This link will only be available when we are running a session.
CAD - 100
Career Counseling and Coaching
We can help you to decide what type of jobs or career path may be of interest to you.
- Are you feeling stuck in your career and you need advise on progression? 
- Are you fresh from school and you don't know how to position yourself for the labor market?
- Are you planning to join a Post secondary Institution but don't know the kind of course to pursue for attractive careers?
1 Hour
CAD - 150
Business Consulting
If are you interested in opening a business in Canada for immigration purposes
2 Hours
CAD - 500
Canadian Education Credential Assessments
If you need help Assessing your Education Credentials for Canadian Immigration. Not for Doctors or pharmacists or Trades. We don't have to meet, you can just pay and send us an email to coordinate the process.
30 Minutes​
CAD - 500
Got Canadian Immigration Questions
If you have immigration questions that don't involve eligibility reviews. We Got you!
1 Hour
CAD - 150
Retainer Package 1
CAD - 1680
Retainer Package 2
CAD - 1330

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