Asylum Seekers

Our clients are potential asylum seekers in Canada who are wondering if they fall under the definition of People in need of protection or Convention refugees.

Are you in need of protection in Canada? Are you personally facing risk of torture, risk of your life or a risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment if you are returned to your home country? Canada may be able to offer you protection under the refugee protection Act. Talk to us to help you go over your eligibility and representation at the IRB.

Are you in Canada as a protected person but would love to travel and do not know how? Talk to us to evaluate your options.

Are you in Canada and would like to sponsor a refugee from abroad with a group of your friends or family? Ask us how.

Has your case been positively determined and would now like to bring in your family to join you in Canada? We are here to help you.

Has your refugee case been refused? Talk to us about your options.

Asylum Consultations
1hr 30 minutes
CAD - 200

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