Visa Refusals

Our clients are people like you who feel dejected because their visa was refused and don’t know what to do next. To reapply or to give up?

Has your visa been refused for whatever reason?  That is not the end of the road or you. Having a refused application doesn’t preclude you from future applications. However, you need to act fast and smart as some of the remedies follow a tight deadline and legal strategy.

Before you reapply, we help assess the reasons why you ere denied, address those reasons and only then should you reapply. We will help you retrieve your GCMS notes and review the full application package. If you want, we will even handle your reapplication. Hit us up here to review that refusal.

We will also help review other kinds of refusals and advise / help with appeals.

Visa Denials
GCMS Reviews and Reapplication advise - 1 hour 30 Minutes
CAD 250

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